About Us

Our story from a dream to a reality 

So, it all starts with a little mini-mart for sale in beautiful, historic downtown Stuart, FL, a LOVE of hot sauce, some help from mom, and several books by John Maxwell.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the location wasn't quite working as a mini-mart, so the quest for ideas was on.  I renovated the store, made it look and feel very tropical, and added a bunch of souvenirs and gifts.  Although the store turned out very nice, we were kind of just blending in, and fading away. There are some great stores here that do that way better than we were doing it.

Now, as I mentioned before, I LOVE hot sauce. I put hot sauce on everything. Sometimes I put hot sauce ON hot sauce. I'm even making my own line of  sauce.  I started stocking a few good sauces here  in the store, which started getting some attention. One day, I was sitting here watching some customers browse the hot sauce, and it hit me all at once. It was the moment that answered every question, filled every void, and made the most sense of anything I had thought of.  I spent so long trying to figure out what not to do, and it only took a split second to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. Now, I can't imagine doing anything else. 

So here we are, and here we go. Yeah, we still have a few unique souvenirs and gifts in the store, but The Sauce Shack is our name, and hot sauce is our game.  Our inventory is ever growing, and at any given time we have a huge selection of all kinds of sauces, from all over the world.  So come on in and browse our shop, or surf our online store.

Questions, suggestions, conversations, and/or information are always welcome. Please know that when you do business with us, you will be treated like family, because we are family. Us "peppa-heads" have to stick together.

Mark G.  
Sauce Boss

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